Kristen Stewart on The Tonight Show | May 2012

Be patient.


11/42 Live performances by Coldplay | Glass of Water @ Channel 4 Studios [x]

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"Before you ever decide to love anyone else, love yourself first and foremost. That’s who you’ll be with on those cold lonely nights."- CGM (photo by Nick Hudson)

"what we feel happens o n c e in a lifetime”

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"C’mon. I’m not into Hannah. She’s not my type. I mean, she’s cute, but she’s not like, y’know, I’d-make-out-with-you-cute. Besides, she’s my friend, and that mean- y’know, when I- when I have a friend, it’s- that’s just how it is and it’s like that so… yeah. What? What? Hello, why are you smiling?"

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